100% Grassfed BEEF For Your Family

Sold in bulk. Easy pick-up at the farm or shipped to your door.




1/8 Beef Package - 45 lbs.

Feed a family of four for three months. A great starter package for you to try our beef. You will get to taste the full variety of cuts including; Premium Steaks, Savory Roasts, and Ground Beef. Everyone comes back for more after their 1/8 Beef.

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1/4 Beef - 90 lbs.

Feed a family of four for 6 months. Keep your family fed through the winter with the 1/4 Beef Package. Have fun trying out new recipes on the full variety of beef cuts you will receive. Join the others who have ordered our most popular package.

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1/2 Beef Package - 180 lbs.

Start your own "Freezer Section"! Feed a family of four for 12 months. The 1/2 Beef is a family favorite! Fill your freezer and keep your family fed year round with this package. 1/2 Beef will fit in a standard 7 cubic ft. freezer.

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Whole Beef Package - 360 lbs.

BEST DEAL - Perfect for feeding large families, sharing with friends, hosting parties and more!

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Grass-finished ground beef bundles

20 lbs of Premium Grass-Finished Ground Beef

20 pounds of our delicious grass-finished ground beef conveniently packed in 1 pound packages and shipped to your door! Also available for pickup here at the farm!

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40 lbs of Premium Grass-Finished Ground Beef

40 pounds of our delicious grass-finished ground beef conveniently packed in 1 pound packages and shipped to your door! Also available for pickup here at the farm!

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Words Fail To Describe...

If you are trying to decide if a bulk beef purchase is for you take my word for it, the answer is yes. For starters this isn't your store bought "grass fed" beef that lacks flavor and substance, this is extremely flavorful meat. Secondly, you are supporting an American family and their small farm which has become more important over the last few years. Third, the pictures don't do it justice. We bought the 1/4 beef package last season and we were shocked at the sheer variety of cuts we received. Also, the 1/4 beef package has sustained my family with 3 picky teenaged girl eaters my wife, myself, and a teenaged boy, almost perfectly. We haven't bought beef at the store once and it will run out at about the time we receive our next package. It is also important to my wife and I that we know the integrity of our food. With all the garbage in processed food these days we have gone out of our way to ensure that the food we provide our family is clean, pure,and nutritious. Jack and Sunny provide a service that is honest, healthy, American, and they are good Godly folk. I can say with all certainty that they will continue to get our business every year. We are proud to support them and grateful to receive their beef, and other products.

- Brad Johnson - Satisfied MFM Customer


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“We bought half a cow and wish we would have gotten a whole one! Best beef we’ve ever had. Steaks are phenomenal and the ground beef makes every recipe top notch!”

Chris V. - Happy MFM Customer

the best grassfed beef experience

You Save Money

When you buy in bulk you get the absolute best price on the highest quality Grass Fed Beef shipped right to your door. Cut down on your Grocery Bill and start your own "Freezer Section!"

You Support Sustainability

With your bulk beef deposit you allow us to sustainably plan our herd and grazing practices, ensuring that your cow leaves the soil better than they found it. You also reduce the "middle man" waste when you buy directly from us.

Your Beef is Guaranteed

When you know your farmer, you can hold them accountable. We are proud to offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We have been setting the standard for Grass Fed BEEF in our area for close to 20 years.

"The grass fed beef at Miracle Farms Market has such flavor and texture like none we have found in supermarkets. Our kids from out of state request that we have some whenever they visit."

Melanie S. - Proud MFM Customer


Reserve Your Share

As a member of our private email list, you have exclusive access to our limited herd of beef. Choose the perfect bulk beef package that fits your family. Deposits for summer herd open for you to reserve beef on March 1st and close on May 1st every year!

Open Your Box

Sit back and relax knowing the most nutritious, delicious, and sustainably raised beef is headed your way. Your beef is harvested at it's peak in late spring and summer and can be picked up or shipped right to your door from July - September.


It's time to wow your famliy and friends with the best beef they've ever had. You'll keep dinner time exciting with the variety of cuts available to you right in your freezer. You get our 100% guarantee that you will love this beef.

Miracle Farms Market Season opens April 29, 2023!!

Our Market Season is every year from May-November at our on-farm location at 659 Nevada 15, Bodcaw, AR 71858.  Our Market Days are every SATURDAY from May thru November from 8 am - 2 pm. We are CLOSED on Sundays.   We sell meat and other non-seasonal items year-round by appointment.

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Why You Need to Be Buying Bulk Beef

Offers You World Class Beef at Affordable Prices

Honors the Whole Animal by Utilizing All the Cuts

Guarantees the Best Beef for You and Your Family Year Round

Helps Your Local Ranchers Plan Their Herds

No Middleman. We Raise It, You Eat It.

Most Sustainable Way to Raise, Sell, Buy, and Eat Beef.

"Miracle Farms Market is the place I trust when I am looking for grass-fed beef for my family."

Akili M. - Satisfied MFM Buyer


Dry Aged Steaks

Our premium steaks are dry-aged for tenderness for 18-21 days, then hand-cut and carefully packaged by an expert butcher, and delivered to you flash frozen to preserve the incredible flavor and ensure you enjoy the greatest steaks you’ll ever have. These heart-healthy top sirloin, New York, and Ribeye or Filet Mignon steaks are loaded with Omega 3s (nearly 5x more than grain-finished steak) and essential Vitamin A

Savory Cuts

Our savory tender cuts of roasts, briskets, stew meats, and spare ribs will literally melt in your mouth. We even include some odd cuts like shanks to warm you on a chilly day!

Premium Ground Beef

The premium ground beef is an 85/15 blend to create some of the juiciest burgers, tacos, or meatloaf you've ever had! This ground beef is bursting with flavor! 85/15 blend to make perfect recipes!

How Much Beef Do You Need?

KEEP YOUR FAMILY FED! The last two years have really shown how unstable buying beef from the grocery store can be, and it doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon. So DON'T STRESS ANYMORE. Reserve with us and know you have beef for the whole year! See the chart above to help plan. 

Your Best Beef Experience

"I am not a big beef eater, but since trying the grass fed burger and
steaks from Miracle Farms Market, I don't buy beef from anywhere else. The
ground beef makes the BEST hamburgers and meatloaf and the steaks are tender
and flavorful."

Vicky A.

"I highly recommend Miracle Farms Market grass fed beef.The Rib Eye and NY Strip steaks are so good
and juicy, and the ground beef is excellent as well."

Joyce P.

"Since discovering grass fed beef, Miracle Farms Market has been my number one spot to purchase. The meat is delicious, and the pricing is great. I love the fact that I know personally and trust where the meat comes from, how the animals are raised and how it is packaged."

Ashley M.

“When I first began to consider buying grass fed beef I was told it
was grainy, tasted funny and tough. 
Miracle Farms Market beef is none of those things. I love their beef and
I try to keep my freezer stocked with their beef”

Barbara D.