Meet the Daniels Family!


…feeding the world, one family at a time.


About our family –

Hello!  We are the Daniels family, and we are the 3rd generation of Daniels’ to live on and work this land here in the coastal plain region of southwestern Arkansas.  Our family members are father and mother, Jack and Sunny Daniels and their six children, Katherine, Emma, James. AJ, Charlotte and Maggie.  Jack grew up on the farm in Bodcaw, AR and has also been involved in music since he was a child.   Jack was the pianist and musical director for David Phelps Concerts for 19 years and has had the opportunity to perform in churches and venues all over the world. He has been the worship leader at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope, AR for 13 years. Jack has retired from touring and lives with Sunny, his wife of 22 years, and their six children.  Sunny is a graduate of Magnolia High School in Magnolia AR. She has helped to manage the farm and the market for many years while Jack was on the road performing.  Sunny has also had the incredible opportunity of homeschooling the six Daniels children. 


About our farm –

Miracle Farms is located in southwestern Nevada County in Southwest Arkansas on a third-generation family farm. We raise and/or sell grass-finished beef and lamb, pasture-raised chicken, Berkshire pork, free-range eggs, raw jersey-milk and many varieties of vegetables and berries.  We believe that we are to be good stewards of the land and we practice conservational, regenerative farming. 

It is our mission to thrive from the land, sharing our farm and it's bounties with our customers, and to leave the land better than we found it.


Grass-finished Beef and Lamb-

We raise a cross of Red Angus and South Poll cattle as well as St. Croix/Katahdin cross hair sheep that are bred for grass finishing genetics and parasite resistance.   These animals we sell are born on our farm and go from birth to finish beside their mothers with nothing but grass, water, mineral, and sunshine. We do not use antibiotics, vaccines or growth hormones on our market animals. We have our beef and lamb processed locally under USDA inspection where it dry-ages for 14 to 21 days before processing and is vacuum-wrapped and flash-frozen.





Poultry and Eggs-

Our meat chickens are raised on pasture in movable pens from three weeks of age.  They are moved to fresh grass daily.  They are processed here on our farm at 8-10 weeks of age.  They range from 3-4 lbs.  We offer whole chickens as well as cut pieces in the market.  Our brown eggs are gathered from our free-range hens that are allowed to range in large yards in which they are rotated throughout the year.


Grass-Fed Raw Jersey Milk –

We sell Raw Milk from Jersey cows that are all grass-fed.  The milk has full cream and comes in ½ gallon exchangeable glass jugs. The milk must be picked up at the on-farm market according to state law.  


Vegetables –

Our main vegetable crops are Watermelons and Purple Hull Peas.  We also sell lots of other garden vegetables when in season, such as sweet corn, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkins and more. We also offer pea and bean shelling in our market.




Miracle Farms Market -

We sell all of our meats, eggs and produce through our on-farm market.  Our Market Day is every Saturday from 8-2 starting the first of May until the first of November. ALL the Beef and Lamb sold in our market is grown here on our farm. EVERYTHING sold in our market is grown or made right here on our farm or by our coop of neighbors here in our county We also sell many canned items that are put up in our commercial kitchen such as jellies, jams, salsa as well as home made pies and baked goods.  We have amazing, homemade soaps and spa products available as well. Each fall, we raise a pumpkin patch and corn maze and we  host “Fall Family Fun Days” on the farm every Saturday in October.  We invite school groups for educational farm tours and pumpkin patch fun during the month of October.

We currently sell our grassfed beef in 1/8s, 1/4s, 1/2s and wholes online at .  We offer nation-wide shipping on our online store.



The Daniels Family and staff at Miracle Farms Market strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and do our best to treat all of our customers with utmost respect and care.

God provides the miracles, we just do the work.

Better for the animal / the farmer / your family / the planet

Directions –

Come to Bodcaw, AR on highway 53 in Nevada County.  Follow our signs from the old convenience store downtown.  We are on county road 15 in southwestern Nevada County.